Draper Furnace Repair & Maintenance

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A faulty furnace consumes more power but generates less heat. It also becomes a potential fire hazard and can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Get quick and effective furnace repairs in Draper, UT, by giving us a call today.

At Method Air, our licensed team has the tools and experience to fix any gas, electric, or oil furnace. We deliver lasting results that guarantee the safety and comfort of your premises. Our prices are also competitive, ensuring that you can get quality services without exceeding your budget.

Find yourself calling a heating system repair company often? Consider a furnace replacement instead.

Emergency Furnace Repair Whenever You Need It

If your gas or electric furnace breaks down, you don’t have to spend hours enduring the cold. Our team provides 24-hour furnace repair services all over Draper. We can send technicians to your address within an hour of receiving your call.

Common furnace issues we see in Utah include:

  • The unit won’t come on or keeps tripping off
  • Irregular flames
  • Unusual sounds from the system
  • Gas or carbon monoxide leakage

Our team has the equipment to fix most heating system problems on the spot. If the furnace is over a decade old and has undergone several repairs, we can provide you with a reliable replacement unit.

How to Keep Your Furnace Working Safely and Efficiently

Taking proper care of your furnace can prevent sudden system breakdowns. It will also keep your heating system energy-efficient and safe. Apply the following tips to extend your furnace’s lifespan:

  • Prepare your furnace for the cold months by scheduling yearly maintenance. Our furnace tune-up service ensures issues are identified and resolved before they affect your unit’s performance.
  • Change your furnace’s filter every three months. Replacement may be required more frequently if you have a lot of dust, pet dander, and other airborne pollutants in your home or office.
  • If you own an oil or gas furnace, install a carbon monoxide monitor. It will let you know when your heating system is releasing pollutants at unsafe levels.
  • Clean the furnace burner, ducts, sensor, pilot, and blower to ensure smooth performance. We can perform these tasks during your yearly furnace maintenance.
  • Properly insulate your ducts and walls to ensure energy-efficient heating around your property.
  • Make sure there are no obstructions around the furnace. Obstacles around the unit can block the vents and cause overheating.

Contact us today to schedule regular filter replacement and furnace maintenance services.

Why Choose Us as Your Furnace Service Company?

We have over a decade of experience taking care of the comfort and heating needs of Draper residents. Our friendly technicians prioritize customer convenience, safety, and satisfaction at all times. When you choose us for all your heating repair needs, you can expect:

  • Quick turnaround times
  • No mess left behind
  • Background-checked technicians
  • The latest technology for all repair jobs

Do you have a furnace emergency in Draper, UT? Contact Method Air today at 801-610-2493 to schedule services for your commercial or residential property.