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We offer professional air conditioning services in Utah, Salt Lake, and Davis Counties – call us today.

A reliable air conditioning system provides optimal indoor temperature control, better air quality, and low running costs.

We offer the following cooling solutions for your home:

At Method Air, we offer professional air conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance services to help you meet all these goals. With our solutions in Draper, UT, you’ll receive:

  • Same-day service
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Custom AC solutions
  • Background-checked technicians

We also offer financing and a membership program for cost-effective routine AC services.

Having problems with air circulation? Call us to schedule an air handler repair service.

Look Out for These Common Air Conditioner Issues

The last thing you want in the middle of July is a broken AC. Fortunately, by understanding common air conditioning problems, you can catch issues early and prevent a full system failure:

  • AC doesn’t switch on: If your thermostat is set lower than the temperature in the room and your AC doesn’t come on, a broken thermostat, dead thermostat batteries, or a tripped circuit breaker may be to blame.
  • No cold air from the unit: Poor performance or even warm airflow can be a result of low freon levels or a dirty air filter.
  • Frozen exterior unit: This issue is usually due to a blower motor issue, low coolant level, or insufficient airflow.
  • Refrigerant leak: Formaldehyde or acid corrosion can cause pipe damage and refrigerant leaks, which, in turn, causes low efficiency, uneven heating and cooling, and compressor damage.
  • Strange noises: A rattling or hissing noise coming from your unit may indicate a motor or blower assembly issue or faulty electrical components.

As a leading local air conditioning contractor, we can resolve any of the issues above. We also offer regular AC maintenance to help you catch small AC problems before they leave you hot under the collar.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality—Work with Draper’s Top AC Service Company

The great thing about having a well-functioning air conditioner is that it offers more benefits than just more comfortable indoor air temperature. A properly installed air conditioning system also improves your indoor air quality by:

  • Maintaining optimal humidity levels
  • Providing consistent and sufficient ventilation
  • Removing air pollutants

Our AC installation and repair services are tailored to ensure your system achieves all the above without sending your utility bills skyrocketing.

Want to improve your indoor air quality even more? Consider installing a new air cleaner or filtration system.

Superior Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

We've served the Draper area since 2008 and have continually gone above and beyond to prove that we’re worthy of being your go-to AC company. Our team can provide you with complete AC maintenance solutions that include:

  • System inspection and testing
  • Air filter replacement
  • Evaporator coil cleaning
  • Outside unit maintenance
  • Insulation inspection and replacement

We recommend scheduling an AC maintenance service at least once a year—twice a year if you have pets or allergies.

If you need an AC installation, repair, or maintenance service in Draper, UT, our team at Method Air can help. Call us today at 801-610-2493 to schedule an AC service.