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From central heating installation to furnace maintenance service and year-round emergency repairs, Method Air does it all when it comes to making sure your heater is working properly. The Salt Lake City Metro Area experiences some harsh winters, but our technicians are prepared to combat them with our reliable, accurate heating solutions. If you need heating help in West Jordan, UT, our team of professionals is on it. When you work with us, we promise fast, affordable, lasting, and top-quality results. We are prompt, friendly, and offer honest advice when it comes to your heating concerns. If you want service you can trust, with guaranteed customer satisfaction, call Method Air today.

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Our heater maintenance service is thorough and accurate. Enroll in our maintenance plan today for routine furnace tune ups and other perks.

Fast 24 Hour Furnace Repair

When you need emergency furnace repair, Method Air is here to help. We’ll dispatch to your home ASAP to solve your heating problem, no matter the time of day or night. With our 24 hour heating repair service, you can rest easy knowing that if your furnace fails, you won’t be left to battle cold indoor temperatures as the winter weather creeps into your home.

Not sure if your heating issue is urgent? If you’re experiencing any of the following, call a repair technician now for prompt service.

  • You hear a screeching noise coming from your furnace.
  • There is a burning smell that occurs when your unit is on.
  • Your heater is making a buzzing or popping noises.
  • Your system won’t turn on or isn’t heating, and outdoor temperatures are unsafe.

Benefits of a Heater Tune-Up

Your heating system requires regular inspection and heating maintenance to resume safe and effective operation. Furnace tune-up services are more than just checking a box on your annual to-do list. When your system undergoes furnace maintenance service by a professional technician routinely, you can enjoy a number of benefits, such as prolonged lifespan of your unit, prevention of total heater failure and the need for major repairs, maximum home heating efficiency, and peace of mind knowing you are safe and unlikely to experience furnace troubles. If you’re due for heating maintenance in Salt Lake County, Method Air provides quality, comprehensive service.

Heating problems can happen when you least expect it! Contact us 24/7 for fast assistance with urgent furnace issues.

When to Call for Furnace Repair

Your furnace goes through a lot in its average 15 to 20 years of life. No matter how well you maintain your heating system, it will probably need repairs as it ages. But it’s not always obvious when something is wrong with your heater. If you notice your device producing unusual odors or noises, frequent cycling, not heating efficiently or effectively, or simply not turning on, then call to schedule service with one of our expert technicians. We’ll make sure that your system is working to the best of its ability, and if your heater is past the point of repairs, we’ll provide prompt furnace installation so that you can enjoy total home comfort this winter season.

Don’t risk heater failure in the middle of Salt Lake County’s winter season. Contact Method Air at 801-610-2493 for preventative furnace maintenance service, and more heating solutions in West Jordan, UT.