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No Better Time Than Now To Replace the Heater!

Keep Expenses Low by Recognizing These Signs Earlier 

The furnace tends to take a beating in the modern home. It doesn’t get used for half of the year, and then it’s expected to run perfectly with little to no attention during the colder months. That said, when the homeowner takes the time to care for and maintain their furnace, it tends to work efficiently a lot longer. This not only keeps those living in the home safe from the cold weather, but it even extends the life of the furnace. There is no better time to care for the furnace in the home than right before the holiday season. 

For those who’s furnace seems to be experiencing more problems than usual, it might be time to go ahead and replace the thing entirely. Continue reading to learn more about the signs that it’s time for a replacement. 

When Was the Unit Purchased?

One of the most common signs and perhaps the most overlooked is the age of the furnace. Typically, a furnace will last a homeowner around fifteen years. However, if the furnace gets regular maintenance from the very beginning, it’s highly likely the furnace will last even longer

Old Furnace

All that said, regardless of the age, the furnace starts to show signs of wear and tear as it gets older. When any of these signs show up, it might be time to have the furnace replaced due to age:

  • Frequent repairs
  • It cannot successfully keep the home warm
  • It makes loud noises when running
  • Sometimes it doesn’t even turn on

Some of these signs might point to other issues, but the result is the same. At the end of the day, it is probably easiest and cheapest to simply replace the entire unit. Before doing so, the homeowner might want to call in a professional to inspect the furnace and make sure there isn’t a better option. 

How Often Is It Repaired?

Even furnaces that are regularly maintained will experience the occasional problem area that requires some repair. That is completely normal and to be expected. When the repairs happen often, the problem starts to point to an overall inefficiency from the furnace itself. In this scenario, it is most likely best to replace the unit. 

A professional will also most likely say something if they notice they are often repairing the same furnace. Regardless, the homeowner will want a professional’s advice before replacing anything because it’s a big job that requires professional expertise. 

Notice a Rapid Increase in Monthly Bills?

Woman shocked by the high heating bill in her hand

The last and possibly hardest sign to spot is an increase in the monthly bills. That’s right. When a furnace isn’t working efficiently, the homeowner will likely feel it in their wallet first. Those that pay close attention to their bills each month are likely to notice the increase right away. A gradual increase isn’t as much of a cause for concern. When a rapid increase occurs, it points to other underlying issues within the furnace. 

A lot of the time, these issues can add up and become expensive. That is why it is usually recommended to go ahead and replace the furnace. Once the replacement has been made, the homeowner should see an immediate decrease in the monthly bill once again. 

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