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Have Chills From a Scary Movie, Not a Broken Heater

Beware of Broken Heaters 

Fall is here, and temperatures are dropping, so people will soon be firing up the heater more often. Since it’s the first time in several months that the heaters have been put back into service, there is a higher chance that something is wrong. 

Homeowners should learn to recognize the signs a heater is on the verge of failing to avoid being stuck without a heater. Heaters often show signs that something is wrong, and savvy homeowners can call professionals to fix it at the first sign of trouble. To catch a broken heater early, look for these signs. 

Heat Loss Around the Home 

A common sign of a malfunctioning heater is uneven cooling throughout the home or a loss of heating power. Imagine homeowners waking up one morning to find the house frigid because the heater isn’t doing its job or that one room has reached the desired temperature but another hasn’t. When this happens, take a moment to check a few things out. 

First, make sure the thermostat is correctly set to heat the home. Ensure that the unit is switched to heating instead of cooling and adjust the temperature accordingly. Check the breakers and overloads if the blower doesn't come on. A common problem with heaters sitting idle too long is that these get tripped from power surges unbeknownst to the owner. Resetting the breaker may restore heating power. 

If it seems that the unit is getting power and that the thermostat is telling it to cycle on, but the heater is still showing signs of heat loss, then the next step is to call a qualified professional. If the unit is consistently losing power or the thermostat isn’t working correctly, they can also fix these issues.  

Unusual Sounds to Complement the Spooky Season

soundsThere are a lot of sounds a broken heater can make that can appear like a Halloween soundtrack. These signs indicate that the heater needs the attention of a professional, so homeowners should call a qualified professional for repairs as soon as these sounds are heard. Some of the common sounds that show the heater is struggling are:

  • Screeching from loose belts
  • Thumping from the expansion of loose ductwork
  • Grinding of dry or worn bearings
  • Banging due to poor ignition of gas 

Energy Bills With Frightening Balances 

saveSpooky things during Halloween may not be very scary to adults, but a high energy bill is a way to send them screaming. After sitting idle for the summer, heaters and furnaces are prone to losing efficiency. Whether due to corrosion on the burner or a blower wheel caked with dust. Homeowners who don’t receive heater maintenance in the fall or neglect maintenance altogether will be in for a scare when they see their heating bill. 

High energy bills are a sure sign of something wrong with the system. Stop throwing away good money and call a qualified technician immediately. Once they identify and fix the issue causing the loss of efficiency, the energy bills will go back down. 

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