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Whether you have a heater emergency and require 24-hour furnace repair, or you’re hoping to upgrade your heating system and need quality furnace installation, Method Air has you covered. We provide a range of heating solutions in Midvale, UT, including furnace repair and replacement, and complete heater tune-up services. A well-functioning heating system is a necessity in Salt Lake County, with winter temperatures falling below freezing, so having a heating repair company you can rely on goes a long way.

Method Air promises correct and complete results, fair and upfront rates, honest and professional technicians, and guaranteed customer satisfaction. If you need heating help in the Salt Lake City Metro Area, you can rest easy knowing Method Air will deliver.

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When to Call for Emergency Furnace Repair

Not all 24-hour heating repair service is created equal. When you work with us, you’re guaranteed a fast response time and speedy solutions, without sacrificing the quality of the results. When your heater is broken, the sense of urgency can be all-consuming, as your health and safety — as well as that of your family — is at risk. Your heater has an important task, and we take getting it back up and running smoothly, safely, and effectively very seriously. For heater repairs that can’t wait, give our team a call for emergency service.

Heating Maintenance: What to Expect

Our knowledgeable technicians will check a number of boxes while performing a furnace tune-up. Your heating system has many moving parts, and each must be examined for damage and lubricated for easy motion. During routine furnace maintenance services, we check for blockages or poor connections within the vent system, air intakes, electrical connections, and blowers. The condenser is also inspected for corrosion, wires and other components are replaced as needed, and your system is thoroughly cleaned.

Maintenance is a must in order to keep your system running effectively and for as long as possible, and it helps to prevent major, costly repairs in the future. Don’t skip service — make an appointment with Method Air for maintenance today.

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Benefits of Central Heating Installation

Central heating systems are the most popular heating solution, and there are a variety of reasons why. They offer the ultimate comfort and convenience, allowing you to precisely set and adjust your home’s temperature. There are even smart thermostats that allow you to adjust the temperature of separate rooms in your house — and from afar! A central heating system is consistent, eco-friendly, and saves you money in the long run because it operates very efficiently. What’s even better? Because it heats a home so evenly in every space, it is healthier, as consistent temperatures help prevent various health issues such as asthma, bronchitis, hypothermia, and heart attacks. Homebuyers seek out properties with central heating systems, so having one installed is also sure to increase your Salt Lake County home’s value.

Your heater keeps you warm, so you should keep it well maintained. Call Method Air at 801-610-2493 for furnace maintenance, repairs, and replacement services in Midvale, UT.