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Dirty indoor air leaves dust on your surfaces and creates a hospitable environment for dangerous airborne organisms. Both can lead to poor respiratory health and issues. Contact our team at Method Air for indoor air quality services that make your home safer, cleaner, and more comfortable.

Our team has provided air quality solutions to Draper, UT, residents since 2008. Tell us your air quality goals, and we will deliver tailored solutions that satisfy all your requirements. We offer same-day services, and our services are affordable.

We offer the following air quality solutions to keep the air in your home clean:

Get in touch with our team to learn more about how we can improve your indoor air quality by adding an air cleaner to your HVAC system.

What Causes Poor Air Quality?

Several factors can lead to low-quality air within your commercial or residential property. For instance, if you have pets, loose fur can get into your vents and circulate in your space. Other causes of dirty indoor air include:

  • Inadequate air supply from outside
  • Not changing your HVAC’s air filters
  • High indoor humidity levels
  • Unclean air ducts
  • Insufficient air circulation

After a quick assessment of your property, we can recommend a lasting solution to your air quality issues. We have options for all budgets, including installing air cleaners or servicing your HVAC. Call today to discuss your options.

Fast, Reliable Indoor Air Quality Services

As a leading local indoor air quality company, we can visit to deliver services whenever you need it. Our popular solutions in Draper include:

  • Air Scrubbing: Installing an air scrubber can reduce indoor airborne contaminants by up to 99%. We have scrubbers that eliminate chemicals, gases, and other hazardous particles via wet or dry scrubbing. Wet scrubbing uses a damp pad to trap airborne pollutants, while dry scrubbing performs the same function with dry filters.
  • Air Purifier: We can install an air purifier in your HVAC system to improve air quality. Depending on the level of air cleanliness you desire, we can install a UV filter, HEPA filter, or another filter type.
  • Humidification: We can install a dehumidifier that reduces the moisture level in your home or business. Lower moisture levels will create an inhospitable environment for airborne viruses, bacteria, and more.

Contact us to arrange an air filter replacement for your AC or furnace.

Benefits of Air Quality Services from Method Air

Our team has the equipment and expertise to deliver air quality services with fantastic results. Some of these results include:

  • Cleaner and safer surfaces and air within your home or business
  • Eliminating unpleasant smells, such as pet odor, cigarette smoke, mildew, and more
  • Protecting your respiratory health
  • Extending the life of your HVAC system

We work fast and can deliver services with minimal disruption to your daily activities. Our polite technicians can provide the answers you need to pick an air quality solution that satisfies your requirements.

Call Method Air today at 801-610-2493 to discuss improving air quality within your property and schedule services in Draper, UT.