Draper Air Handler Repair & Replacement

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An air conditioning system consists of various components that work together to ensure your home is comfortable and at the correct temperature. One of these components is the air handler. If something goes wrong with your air handler, you’ll start noticing weak airflow or inconsistent performance.

At Method Air, we offer professional air handler repair and replacement services in Draper, UT. When you choose us as your AC repair company, you can expect:

  • Same-day repair or replacement services
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  • Background-checked technicians
  • Financing options (with approved credit)

Is your AC blowing warm air? Call us for a freon recharge or evaporator coil repair.

What Does an Air Handler Do?

An air handler is an air conditioning system component that helps regulate indoor air circulation and temperature. It typically consists of a blower motor, evaporator coil, air filter, and various electric components.

The evaporator coil heats or cools the air, while the blower motor moves and circulates the air into your home via the ductwork or vents. The blower motor can have single- multi-, or variable-speed adjustability.

Your AC's air handler creates a recurring airflow cycle by blowing air through the registers and drawing it in through the return vents.

Signs That Your Air Handler Needs Repair

Your air handler is a critical component of your cooling system. If it's not functioning correctly, it can affect your entire system's operation. Signs that you need an air handler repair service include:

  • Low airflow: If the blower motor packs up, the air handler will stop distributing air throughout your home.
  • Limited temperature control: An evaporator coil issue will prevent the air handler from cooling the air properly.
  • Strange sounds: A hissing, grinding, or rattling sound can indicate a defective blower motor or loose components inside the air handler.

If you notice any of these signs, give us a call for professional air handler repair or replacement. Our experienced contractors can help you decide which is the best option for your unit.

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Professional Air Handler Repair, Installation, and Replacement

Method Air is the top air handler service provider in Draper. We’ve proudly provided the community with cost-effective solutions for over a decade. We tailor our services to ensure:

  • Reliable AC operation
  • Prolonged unit lifespan
  • Optimal energy-efficiency and low running costs

Whether your air handler has already stopped working or you’re just beginning to suspect an issue, you can put your trust in our background-checked, experienced technicians.

If your air conditioning system in Draper, UT, is experiencing airflow issues, call Method Air today at 801-610-2493, and let our professional AC technicians take care of the problem.