Draper Evaporator Coil Repair & Replacement

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Does your house feel warm, even with the air conditioning running? You may have an evaporator coil problem.

At Method Air, we offer professional evaporator coil services in Draper, UT, at competitive prices. Like our other air conditioning solutions, this service includes:

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  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
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With over a decade of experience in the cooling industry, we have all the necessary skills, knowledge, and equipment to provide you with a lasting and efficient evaporator coil repair or installation.

Is your cooling system more than ten years old? Get in touch for an AC replacement.

What is an Evaporator Coil?

The evaporator coil is a component in your AC's air handler that holds the refrigerant and absorbs the heat from the air in your home. As the air from the blower motor moves over the coil, the chilled refrigerant cools down the air, and the refrigerant heats up. When the refrigerant's temperature increases, it flows to the condenser coil in the outdoor AC unit, where it cools down.

If something goes wrong with your evaporator coil, it stops cooling down the air from the blower motor, resulting in lukewarm airflow.

Common Evaporator Coil Issues

  • Dirty coils: If debris or dirt accumulates on the coil, it acts as insulation material, preventing the heat transfer or warm air to the refrigerant.
  • Frozen coil condensation: Ice formation over the evaporator coil reduces the airflow from the blower motor. Additionally, ice can absorb heat in the airflow and prevent heat transfer to the refrigerant.
  • Coil damage: Coil damage reduces the evaporator coil's cooling surface area and can result in a refrigerant leak.

All these issues require professional AC evaporator coil repair, as the freon in the coil is toxic. In the case of extensive damage, your system may need an evaporator coil replacement.

If your evaporator coil is leaking, call us to schedule a refrigerant leak repair.

Prevent Evaporator Coil Defects with Our Maintenance Services

You can prevent almost all evaporator coil problems with regular AC evaporator cleaning and evaporator coil maintenance. We offer this service as part of AC tune-ups.

We'll remove the grime and dirt that can prevent heat transfer from the refrigerant. Cleaning the coil also ensures sufficient system airflow, which prevents condensation on the coil from freezing. We also check for signs of deterioration and damage that can cause a refrigerant leak.

We recommend that you schedule AC maintenance every at least once a year.

If you live in Draper, UT, you can rely on our team at Method Air for professional evaporator coil repair, replacement, and maintenance solutions. Call us today at 801-610-2493 to schedule a professional evaporator coil service.